About Us

Over the last 17 years, REPCO through its parent cover has delivered over 15 million plated meals and continues to do so daily to clients over the world. The REPCO team create unique solutions that’s client focused and look at ways to create menu that are nutritious and healthy.

We deliver Quality Products

Operating a fleet of modern temperature controlled vehicles, and storage infrastructure ensures our product meets our client’s exceptional quality standards from the farm or warehouse to the plate.

Value for money

We supply FTSE 100 companies and deliver for the largest FMCG companies globally. This provides us with unique pricing advantage which when coupled with our in house best in class order management and logistics management give our clients superior cost effective pricing .

Client Customer Service

Our Clients expect and get the best in customer service 24/7. Our staff are motivated and highly trained.

Global Clients, Global Reach

Our clients trust us with their difficult to source requirements in their remotest locations. Our services support our clients in delivering incident free world class operations. Our reach means we are able to deliver the same level of customer service and efficiency to our clients in the UK and in remote offshore locations in West Africa. Our services ensure your teams are healthy and your vessels or infrastructure is clean and fit for purpose.

Provisions and catering

We focus on sourcing quality products. Our full range of provisions include:

• Frozen & Chilled foods including meats, fish and poultry of all types and cuts

• Garden fresh fruit and vegetables- sourced from local farmers

• Fresh and frozen dairy products

• Long life and dry foods

• Duty free goods

• Crew welfare items

• Specialist special request items

We supply all types of equipment including kitchen equipment, cooking appliances, cutlery tableware, clothing, safety and cleaning products.

Catering logistics

The Welfare and proper nutrition of personnel working in difficult terrain or locations is critical to successful operations. Our catering solutions help our clients operate incident free. REPCO’s made-to-order catering logistic solutions ensure only fresh products of the highest quality are used in the preparation of our meals. Great meals begin with a great supply chain. Product selection, storage, packaging and transportation are all key to a great remote site meal. Once prepared, we provide self-contained (with generator) certified freezer, Chiller and Dry Storage containers designed to safely transport food supplies between our warehouse and our customers remote locations or remote dock site.