Base Operation Support

For over 20 years, we have provided the highest quality facility management (FM) services and base operations support (BOS) to clients globally.

Our years of experience and specialist expertise enables our team to provide your workforce with support services in some of the most isolated and challenging environments, helping to keep your staff motivated, happy and comfortable. Our unparalleled support service is tailor made for client’s, below are some of the primary services we provide:

  • Transportation: Transport of workers and logistics from the camp to the workplace and return
  • Camp Management & Administration: We are able to provide camp management and administration through highly qualified personnel specialising in camp management and catering services in remote sites.
  • Base Support & Logistics: The equipment for the common service areas, for instance, kitchens, laundries, sleeping areas, common dining rooms, offices, leisure areas, medical areas
  • Food services: Consumables for the correct functioning of camps, where we are able to supply fuels, drinking water, food products and waste disposal
  • Infrastructure for Camp sites: We are able to provide Camp premises equipment and related services such as lighting systems, air conditioning systems, hydraulic systems, power groups, electrical systems, safety systems including fire prevention systems. We also have the experience and capabilities to implement of a first health care system; with the provision of trained personnel for emergencies
Part of the GV Group